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Transform your writing with a cutting-edge power of AI is the ultimate writing tool for anyone looking to elevate their writing skills.

Our AI-powered technology offers a range of features to help you rewrite, expand, shorten, and enhance your text with just a few clicks.

With our advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, we analyze your text and provide targeted recommendations for improvement.

Whether you’re a blogger, a student, a professional writer or anyone in between, our platform is designed to help you write better, faster and with more confidence. With, you can transform your writing and take it to the next level.


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WriteMaster is an online editor that enables users to edit, manipulate and write text directly in their browser without the need for a separate software. 

It comes with features such as Rewrite, Enriche, ChopText, Summarize, and Prompts, which allow users to change the wording of a text, add information to it, shorten it, extract main points, and receive writing inspiration. 

The tool also includes an Auto-Write feature which generates text based on a user prompt. It has a custom Prompts Library where users can save, edit and delete their custom prompts. 

 It supports various writing styles and tones such as formal, professional, casual, and creative, and it can be used for email writing, script writing, blog writing, article writing, and social media writing. The tool comes with a Word Count feature, editing toolbar, and document format support. Users can sign up for an account or use the tool without registering. The tool comes with free and paid plans with different functionalities.